M2 Polymer / New LINE CARD Available!

M² Polymer Technologies has posted their newly revised Line Card on their website at:


The revised Line Card showcases the broad assortment of superabsorbent polymer products offered by the company — multiple chemistries in granular products, Waste Lock® super absorbent Rolls, several styles of absorbent socks (including a unique “Teabag” design), the OASIS® superabsorbent fibers from the UK, decorative SAP Spheres (perfect little balls of superabsorbent polymer) and Snow SAP — an expanding version of polymer that feels like real snow.

The company’s range of oil/hydrocarbon absorbents is shown —> Totalsorb®, OrganoLock™ N-65 and surface modified Organoclays.

The new Line Card also highlights the Molecular Bonding System™ (MBS) technology. This is a proven and patented technology that converts soluble RCRA Heavy Metals (Mercury, Chromium, Lead, etc…) into insoluble and non-leachable forms in a simple and cost-effective fashion.

Visit the M2 Polymer web site for more information: http://www.m2polymer.com

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