Super Absorbent Polymers & Latex Paint

We have shot a cool, new video showing the magic that our WASTE LOCK® superabsorbent polymers perform when mixed with unused latex paint.

How many times have you cleaned out your garage and found many gallons of partially used latex paint? How do you solidify this stuff so that the garbageman will take it? Using kitty litter makes a huge mess — and tripled the volume of paint waste! An easier solution is to use a super absorbent polymer – like our WASTE LOCK® 770.

What is latex paint? It’s an oil-in-water emulsion.

What happens when a superabsorbent polymer is mixed with it? The polymer particles aggressively absorb the water fraction of the emulsion and leave the oil (or latex) fraction alone where it aggressive cross-links and turns into a large rubbery plug. The great thing is that it is fast working (about 5 minutes) and increases the paint waste volume by less than 1%!

Check out our new video on Youtube at:

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