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Waste Lock Superabsorbent PolymersWaste Lock® 770

Waste Lock® 770 is a solid, granular Superabsorbent Polymer.  This cross-linked polyacrylate material swells and absorbs many times its weight in aqueous solutions.  Waste Lock® 770 has been engineered to absorb under pressure and has  properties that make it ideally suited for the absorption and solidification of low level radioactive waste (LLRW) and other types of waste sludges.

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Product Attributes:

Typical Absorptive Properties:

Liquid Release Test (EPA 9096):

Waste Lock® 770 has the ability to both absorb under pressure and to retain absorbed liquids at high pressures:

How do superabsorbent polymers work?

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How do superabsorbent polymers work?

Rapid Solidification!

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